Testimonials from egg donors

Read the opinions of other women who have already donated their eggs in Eudona, the donation program of Clinica Eugin.

The names have been changed to maintain the privacy of our donors.


“The best thing about Eudona: you are helping another woman to make her dreams come true and on top of that, you receive compensation”

As well as helping another woman make her dreams come true and receiving compensation for it, what I liked the most about Eudona was that the nurses are very friendly and the doctors very attentive, very concerned about our well-being. And not to forget, the anaesthetist who is also very pleasant. I would have to say that everything is good, congratulations!

Katie, administrative worker, 32 years old


“I am totally satisfied and would do it all again”

I do not have any complaints. I followed treatment previously in another clinic and there was no comparison with Eudona.
I am totally satisfied and would do it all again.

Selena, laboratory assistant, 29 years old


“They guide you through the whole process and answer any questions. Being a donor in Eudona is very easy.”

The protocols are easy to follow and the people are friendly and do their work with intelligence and prudence. I feel safe in their hands. The way you are treated is excellent and much appreciated;
I am glad I chose you.

Shiao Mei, shop assistant, 21 years old


“A friend told me about it and now it is me who recommends it to all the women I know.”

You are specialists and good professionals. I am very pleased.
As far as the clinic is concerned, it has always struck me as a serious clinic since the day I started and I have felt very comfortable with the girls, they are great!

Teresa, journalist, 27 years old


“I have always felt that I was in good hands. I have always felt very calm”

For me, everything is good: good care, friendly, patient staff. I have always felt that I was in good hands, both with the receptionists and with the doctors and the girls. The latter are attentive and friendly and make you feel very calm.
I donít think anything could be improved; you are doing a good job.
Congratulations to the medical team; doctors and nurses for your pleasant manner.

Nadya, student, 23 years old