Our team

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If you have any question about the process, you can call us on our toll free number
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The Eudona team is made up of specialised
health professionals

You’ll be in good hands with us:

Medical team

  • Dr. Juan José Guillén

    Dr. Juan José Guillén

  • Dra. Maria Jesús López

    Dra. Maria Jesús López

  • Dra. Anna Blázquez

    Dra. Anna Blázquez

  • Dra. Carolina Esteve

    Dra. Carolina Esteve

  • Dra. Rebeca Beguería

    Dra. Rebeca Beguería

  • Dra. Lieselot Schelstraete

    Dra. Lieselot Schelstraete

  • Dr. Josep Gonzalo

    Dr. Josep Gonzalo

  • Dr. Jaume Miñano

    Dr. Jaume Miñano

  • Dra. Marta Trullenque

    Dra. Marta Trullenque

  • Dra. Raquel Muñoz

    Dra. Raquel Muñoz

  • Dr. Daniel Mataró

    Dra. Daniel Mataró

  • Dra. Silvia Ferrero

    Dra. Silvia Ferrero


  • Sonia Martín

    Sonia Martín

  • Mireia Corral

    Mireia Corral

  • Cristina Sánchez

    Cristina Sánchez


  • Rut Solé

    Rut Solé

  • Cecilia Conti

    Cecilia Conti

  • Maia Ferrer

    Maia Ferrer

  • Maragda Orus

    Maragda Orus

  • Marta Haro

    Marta Haro

  • Mercedes Facio

    Mercedes Facio

  • Mercedes Peretti

    Mercedes Peretti

  • Patricia Cuyubamba

    Patricia Cuyubamba

  • Anastasiya Holovina

    Anastasiya Holovina

  • Olga Khurkachuck

    Olga Khurkachuck

  • Yufang Chi

    Yufang Chi

  • Silvia Sánchez

    Silvia Sánchez

  • Iryna Myronenko

    Iryna Myronenko

Clinical Psychology

  • Cecilia Conti

    Cecilia Conti

  • Mercedes Facio

    Mercedes Facio

  • Mercedes Peretti

    Mercedes Peretti