Feminine Hygiene: How to avoid infections

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Higiene femenina: Cómo evitar las infeccionesChanges in the appearance of vaginal discharge or discomfort such as itching, a burning sensation and redness may indicate the presence of an infection.

It is important to know our body well in order to identify any changes that may indicate that we have an infection. In the case of vaginal infections, if we observe changes in vaginal discharge or discomfort in the genital area, it is advisable to visit your doctor to identify what is causing it and what the most appropriate treatment is.
We can quickly identify infections by the changes in vaginal discharge. The flow may normally be thick or elastic, clear or off-white in colour, etc. Its purpose is to carry out old cells of the vaginal mucous, thus keeping the female genital area clean. When there is an infection, the flow changes colour, odour and texture. It is usually accompanied by itching, a burning sensation, redness, and discomfort during intercourse or bleeding, or even lesions on the vulva.
But don’t worry, in these cases what you must do is go to your doctor, who by means of a physical examination will determine the causes and consequences and will advise you as to the most appropriate treatment. In some cases, it is advisable to treat one’s partner too.

How to prevent them
Vaginal infections are prevented by constant personal hygiene once daily, by washing your hands before and after using the bathroom, wearing cotton underwear and by avoiding wearing tight clothing. It is important to take other measures too, such as using a condom during sexual intercourse and going to the gynaecologist regularly.