Sperm allergy… It exists!

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Sperm allergy... It exists!Although it is not a very common reaction, sperm allergy exists and is often misdiagnosed, since it is often confused with other skin conditions. The most common symptoms of this discomfort are itching and redness on the skin after being in contact with the fluid.

The women who suffer from it usually realize they have it between the ages of 20 and 30. They suffer from itching, a burning sensation and redness of the skin in the vaginal area. Typically, these kinds of discomfort appear immediately after having been in contact with semen, and sometimes, even as much as an hour later. This reaction occurs because the body itself is allergic to the proteins found in a man’s sperm.

Effect on relationships
The discomfort which this allergy causes on the woman who has to endure it may affect the emotional stability and well-being of the couple, and after suffering such a skin reaction, stress and tension may occur. The recommended way to reduce these sensations is to use a condom during sex at all times: it will be the best way to minimize allergy symptoms.

Difficult diagnosis
La alergia al semen es una molestia tan poco habitual, que suele confundirse con otras alergias de la piel como vaginitis, enfermedades de transmisión sexual o incluso alergia a algún tipo de alimento transmitida a través del semen.

Sperm allergy is such an unusual discomfort that it is often confused with other skin allergies such as vaginitis, sexually transmitted diseases or even an allergy to certain kinds of sexually transmitted food allergens.
The latest study on sperm allergy was performed at the Manchester University Hospital. Women aged between 19 and 29 years who presented symptoms of this allergy took part in it. Three types of tests were conducted, with three different semen samples from the women’s partners which were previously treated to separate the sperm from the seminal fluid. It was observed that the women only reacted to the untreated semen, indicating that the allergy was due to its proteins.