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Do you want to donate your eggs? On this website you will find a simple, step by step guide to how to donate your eggs in Eudona, the donation program of Clinica Eugin, assisted reproduction specialists in Barcelona.

The whole process lasts for approximately forty days and is compatible with your everyday life, your work, your hobbies or your family.

Fill in the form

Fill in the form

The first step is just a click away! Fill in the form with your details and we will contact you as soon as possible to inform you further about the next steps.
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We will give you a call

We will give you a call

Someone from the Eudona Donor Coordination Team will telephone you to explain all the details of the egg donation process. If you have any doubts, we are here to answer them for you! The Eudona team is made up of doctors, psychologists, nurses and coordinators who will guide you, step by step, through the whole process.
Now you have to decide if you are still interested in donating your eggs and, if so, we will make you a first appointment to start the process.
Appointments with the gynaecologist and psychologist

Appointments with the gynaecologist and psychologist

We will start with a first appointment, in which the whole process will be explained to you personally and also, a complete gynaecological check-up will be carried out, including cultures, smear test (Papanicolau), transvaginal ultrasound, breast examination and blood tests.
With the results obtained, you will have a detailed report of your health and we will make you an appointment for an interview with one of our psychologists.
If, after the gynaecological check-up and psychological interview, you are considered apt by the Eudona team, on this same visit, we will give you the medication and show you how to administer it in a practical, personalized workshop, carried out by a nurse.
We will also give you an informative DVD which you will be able to consult at home, step by step, about any details of the administration of the medication.
First period

First period

With your next menstruation you must start the hormone treatment. This treatment involves self-administering the medication for approximately 10 days, which will stimulate your hormones. It will be yourself, at home, who administers the medication: in this way, once the treatment has been started, you will only be required to come to the clinic on three or four occasions for the appropriate check-ups, always in whatever timetable suits you best. Maximum responsibility, minimum travelling.
When you get your period, call us, during working hours (09:00 to 20:00), and this way we will know you have started the medication and we will give you an appointment for the first check-up. These check-ups involve placing an ultrasound catheter inside the vagina: they do not cause any discomfort and will show how you are responding to the treatment.
Egg extraction

Egg extraction

In one of the check-ups during the treatment, we will tell you that you are prepared for the eggs to be retrieved, we will give you the appropriate instructions and 36 hours later the follicular punction will be carried out.
The follicular punction consists of the extraction of the oocytes. It is a simple operation which involves a punction in the follicles, situated in the ovaries, via the vagina. Thanks to an anaesthetic sedation, you will be asleep and therefore will not feel any pain. It is a light sedation and of short duration, only about 20 minutes. You will wake up alert and feeling fine.
Once the follicular punction has been carried out, you will be moved to an observation room where you will be able to rest until the effects of the sedation have completely worn off. From your arrival at the clinic until the moment you leave, around 2 to 3 hours will pass. Your safety is what is most important to us.
At home you can continue with your everyday life but we advise you to do as little physical activity as possible. A few hours later, we will call you to see how you are feeling. We have an emergency telephone number in case you have any doubts. You are never alone.
Next period after egg extraction

Next period after egg extraction

Approximately 45 days after the punction we will contact you again, by phone, to see how you are. We will also discuss with you the possibility of carrying out new donation cycles.
We will continue to count on you.